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    Races & Information

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    Races & Information

    Post by Lyra Winter on Thu Feb 18, 2016 10:34 pm

    In this world, humans are not the only race one can be. Each race comes with a set of bonuses and downfalls, yet in the end it is all dependent on your own skills and abilities.

    Humans: Humans are by far the most common race in the world. This is the common race of many of the natives of the land, and are most recognized. They have a good balance in ability stats making them suitable for any class. Adaptability in its prime.
    Bonus: Humans get a +1 in all stats

    Ghoul: An undead human who has passed on from life and reanimated through the virus or some other means. Usually rotting, zombies have distinct, dying attributes to them (rotting flesh, discolored skin, missing hair, ect.). Some undead, through various ways, are able to retain not only their motor functions, but their mental functions as well, though this case is extremely rare. Once one is able to retain their mental functions, they are referred to as "Ghouls".
    Bonus: Unknown

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